NeoLuxe mattresses are designed and made using the finest quality components sourced from Australia, Italy and other world leading providers of fine bedding materials. From carefully chosen fabrics to precision craftsmanship in assembly, no detail is too small and no challenge too large in the pursuit of quality.
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The best in affordable, designer luxury

The NeoLuxe Collection sets the new standard in affordable designer luxury. Its sleek styling, precision engineered dual pocket sleep system and carefully selected fabrics and materials from leading partners around the world takes this mattress to the next level. Relax and enjoy first class every night.

Enjoy the health benefits of silver

With silver infusion, the Neoluxe Vantage Silver incorporates the latest technology for the ultimate pressure relief and antibacterial function.

SilverForm is an Italian-made and tested hybrid technology incorporating the pressure relief of memory foam and the rebound feel of latex.
SilverLine™ is a genuine Silver fibre yarn woven into our mattress surface and guarantees a natural anti-bacterial function to your mattress. This results in a much fresher and more hygienic sleep experience for you and your family.

Enjoy first class comfort, every night

Silverform technology

Made and tested in Italy to European and USA Certification, SilverForm infuses genuine silver particles into premium memory foam for superior anti-microbial health.


SilverLine™ genuine Silver fibre yarn to guarantee a natural anti-bacterial function for added freshness and hygiene.

HyperSoft Quiltec™

Combination of Hypersoft Foam and Quiltec™ comfort technology for luxury and breathability with outstanding thermo-regulation for an optimal sleeping temperature.

High Density Progressive Comfort

Two layers of premium high density foam sandwiched together to provide a smooth transition feel offering the perfect balance of comfort and support.

5 Zone Micro Pocket Coil Spring System

Low profile 5 zoned micro pocket coil spring system provides optimal airflow and breathability for advanced body contouring and pressure relieving comfort.

European 7 Zoned Pocket Coil Spring System

Featuring quality European 7 zoned pocket spring system. With taller springs for deeper targeted support and advanced body contouring with minimal partner disturbance.

EdgeBoost™ Boxed Wall

EdgeBoost™ Boxed Wall is a foam box encasement to the outer edge of the mattress, creating maximum surface support from edge to edge, utilising the entire mattress surface.

Made in Australia

This product is proudly Australian Made.

10 Year Warranty

This product is covered for 10 years

GECA Certified

Certified for sustainable products and environmental impact

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