The Englander brand was founded by Max Englander of New York in 1894. He had a simple vision: to provide a mattress system for consumers who wanted a more comfortable night’s sleep. Englander … Better sleep, by design.
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Old World craftsmanship

Englander combines old world craftmanship with state-of-the art design to provide the ultimate in sleep comfort. Englander offers a range of comfort systems to meet the expanded needs and discriminating tastes of today's consumers. And every Englander mattress delivers on the original promise... Better sleep, by design. By introducing a small line of mattresses built in a simple, craftsman-first process using refined comfort layers and specialized coils we’ve spent decades perfecting. The Result: the most unique, easy to understand, comfortable and durable mattresses ever made.

Sleep Science, crafted to perfection

Over the years, Englander's technology has changed and advanced, but the vision has remained the same. Englander have spent decades mastering the art and science of sleep. Shown through advanced foam technology, state-of-the-art design, and the value and quality offered at every price point. It is shown in the support, durability, and deep, restful sleep that have been Englander's trademark for more than a century. With Englander mattresses, you'll not only sleep better, you'll feel the difference all day long.

Better Sleep, By Design

Dual Pocket spring support

Englander mattresses use the latest in pocket spring technology. Dual support systems provide the latest in spinal alignment.
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Coolflow™ Phase Change Foam

The innovative Coolflow Phase Change Foam offers superior temperature regulation technology, with greater levels of comfort and greener properties.
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Premium Memory Foams

Premium memory foam provides body hugging contour and comfort. Helping to disperse and alleviate body pressure, providing relief to body stress points.

Natural Fibres

Natural fibres help with increased breathability and air flow for temperature regulation for a better nights sleep
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Products by Englander


Englander Seattle

5-Zone Pocket Spring
5 Sizes
3 Feels
From: $559.00
To: $979.00

Englander Utah

Pocket Spring
4 Sizes
1 Feel
From: $319.00
To: $439.00

Englander Boston

7-Zone Pocket Spring
3 Sizes
4 Feels
From: $839.00
To: $1,559.00

Englander Montana

3-Zone Pocket Spring
4 Sizes
1 Feel
From: $399.00
To: $639.00

Englander Lincoln

5-Zone pocket spring
7 Sizes
3 Colours
From: $1,649.00
To: $2,909.00

Englander Manhattan

10-Zone Dual Pocket Spring
2 Sizes
3 Feels
From: $1,849.00
To: $2,049.00

Englander Washington

Tri Helix Cable Pocket Coil
3 Sizes
3 Feels
From: $3,299.00
To: $4,799.00

Englander New York

Tri-Helix Cable Pocket Coil
3 Sizes
3 Feels
From: $5,499.00
To: $7,749.00

Englander Hampton

Tri Helix Pocket Spring
3 Sizes
3 Feels
From: $4,399.00
To: $6,599.00