We don’t just care about your sleep.

We’re fanatical about it!

Not in a creepy, standing-at-the-foot-of-your-bed-watching-you-sleep kind of way. In a good way. Being wholeheartedly devoted to sleep is what shapes everything we do - you could say it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. Here’s a bit more about how we do things...

The power of sleep

We believe a good night’s sleep has the power to supercharge your health and happiness. For that reason, we don’t just stock good mattresses: we stock the very best, handpicked from around the world. It’s also why we offer personalised recommendations and customisable mattress options you won’t find anywhere else in Australia.

Talk less. Listen more. Shoot straight.

We don’t make assumptions about what we think you need. We prefer to ask questions - lots questions - so that when we recommend a mattress, we’re 100% confident you’re going to love it. And we’re refreshingly upfront about how we operate: from our delivery timeframes to our returns policies, you’ll always get a straight answer.

Don’t come back soon

This might sound weird, but we don’t want you to buy another mattress from us for a really, really long time. We put value, quality and craftsmanship above profit margins and repeat business. We’re proud to only stock products that are made to last, built from materials that will stand the test of time.

We care more about your sleep

Quality matters

We believe in quality and craftsmanship - so we’ve travelled the world to bring you a beds and mattresses range handpicked from the best manufacturers on the planet.

Tread lightly

It’s our goal to minimise our impact wherever we can. We’re not perfect - but we are committed to a future where a good night’s sleep doesn’t cost the earth.

Devoted to sleep

Our bed shop is here to help you sleep better. That’s why we listen more, and talk less, tailoring our recommendations to suit your lifestyle, not our sales targets.
Our Philosophy