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Benefits of a mattress protector

If you’ve just bought a new mattress, you’ll want to protect your investment that will be with you for the next few years. Plus, you may not know what is lurking beneath your sheets, like dust mites, allergens & other unpleasant elements. Here are a few key reasons to use a mattress protector:

  1. Cleanliness – over time, your mattress will accumulate numerous unsavoury things like sweat, dead skin cells, body fluids, dust mites or bed bugs. By protecting your mattress from unpleasant stains and dirt, you’ll help extend the life of your mattress.
  2. Shore up your defences – When your clothes get dirty, you toss them in the washing machine. With a mattress, it’s not that easy. Cleaning up stains doesn’t always work, often leaving residue stains and odour behind. Vacuuming a mattress is recommended, but who remembers to do that? A mattress protector is a better strategy.
  3. Protect your warranty – Your mattress has a long lifespan and so should the product that is protecting it. Look for a mattress protector with a multiple-year warranty to ensure that any manufacturer defects are taken care of without you having to replace the protector at your expense. A soiled or stained mattress will mean that your warranty is null and void. If it’s defective, you can’t return it for servicing or replacement because of strict hygiene and safety regulations.
  4. Bug off – Dust mites thrive in dirty environments. They hang out on mattresses in search of their favourite meal – flakes of dead skin. A clean sterile mattress really wrecks their dining plans. No debris, no bugs.
  5. Avoid the wheezes – Sleepers with allergies or asthma will benefit from an environment free of triggers, whether it’s dust or pet dander. Breathe a bit easier with a pristine mattress.

What kind of mattress protector should you buy?

Gone are the days of selecting a mattress protector based on size alone. Today, mattress protectors come in a range of different materials and offer different functions depending on what you’re looking for.

A basic mattress protector may only protect the mattress from wear and ensure longevity, while a higher end protector will protect your mattress from bed bugs, stains, dust mites and allergens, she added. Depending on your needs, you can select the brand or product that provides you with the best solution.

Importantly, ensure that your mattress protector fits into your washer at home. If it requires dry cleaning, consider another easier option. While you can’t wash your mattress, laundering your mattress protector regularly helps you remove dead skin, hair, sweat, and grime that builds up over time. Your mattress protector should be washed a minimum of every 3 months – more frequently if conditions warrant.

Beds n Dreams have several options to choose from when buying a mattress protector and we can help you select the best option to suit your personal requirements.