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      Our Master Tailor Mattress Collection 

      Exquisite luxury for those that have exquisite taste

      This level of luxury and comfort has to be experienced to be believed. The Master Tailor™ mattress collections are only crafted by our skilled Master Tailors, individuals who have perfected the art of mattress making and who have a minimum of 10 years+ experience crafting Australian mattresses.

      All Master Tailor mattresses are individual and bold statements pieces of exquisite luxury, handmade with expert craftmanship and artistry by our most skilled master tailors.

      Hygroflex + Quiltec™ Blend

      Hygroflex is the first of its kind, a true hybrid material delivering an opulent pressure relieving experience whilst reducing frictional stress on the skin. Blended with Quiltec™ for exceptional temperature regulation and breathability.

      Italian Platinum Next Comfort Technology

      Italian made and tested, Platinum Next hybrid technology incorporates the benefits of pressure relief and optimal body contouring. The presence of platinum works as a thermal conductor which assists to regulate body temperature.

      Premium Memory Foam

      Premium memory foam provides body hugging contour and comfort. Helping to disperse and alleviate body pressure, providing relief to body stress points

      Herkules 7-Zoned Titanium Alloy Pocket Springs

      Herkules is one of Europe's oldest and most distinguished spring producers. Using only the highest-grade wire consisting of Titanium Alloy with seven unique sleeping zones and a high-coil count, Titanium 7 is designed to contour and support your body.

      Australian Made Knit Fabric with Silk

      Featuring a high-quality Australian made exclusive knit fabric with genuine silk fibers for a luxurious look and feel, while providing better overall comfort.

      Dream Air Micro Pocket Coils

      Low profile micro pocket coil system provides excellent body contouring and support whilst increasing airflow for better temperature regulation and comfort.

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