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      With over 100 years of creating beds that offer a great night’s sleep, the Hypnos philosophy focuses on the pursuit of perfection and the delivery of a deep, energising night’s sleep.

      Hypnos employ master craftsmen who use traditional skills and techniques to create the Hypnos mattress range.

      Though five generations, Hypnos has created a heritage of bed making excellence that delivers sumptuous luxury and unparalleled comfort. Their passion for creating the very best sanctuary for sleep flows from the combination of the finest natural materials, modern methodology and a sound belief in hand crafted traditional values.

      A Royal Warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II reinforces Hypnos reputation for the best of British quality. Hypnos is the only bed manufacturer to actively supply the British Royal Family and all their palaces, working in partnership on bespoke upholstery commissions and even sleep education programs.

      Hypnos is proud to display the royal crest as a mark of excellence and quality on all our mattresses.

      With years of experience, Hypnos know how to choose the finest high-performance materials. Hypnos use sustainable, natural materials to craft exceptionally restful beds that will last.

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