When you find yourself with a small bedroom, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start in terms of decorating. Sunset.com provided some tips:

Create boundaries

A headboard is a must in every room, but when space is limited, a reversed headboard can be a great effect and is really practical. You can achieve this by framing your bed with a mix of open and closed storage.


Go within

When there isn’t enough room to go out with storage, you may need to look within places such as stud walls to create storage. San Francisco architect John Lum created some fantastic box spaces within a stud wall, perfect for the avid reader to store their books.

Be bold

A small space can be great for a bold colour, which will make a strong impact.

Go green

Adding greenery to your bedroom can add privacy as well as act as natural air filters.

Keep it soft

For a fresh, clean look, opt for white walls and white linens. Adding a pop of colour through a chair or fresh flowers will bring some life to the room.