Sex is an important part of a relationship and creating the right environment is key to encouraging a healthy sexual relationship. Whilst being too tired or just wanting to relax are reasons why couples don’t do it regularly, a lot of it is just about getting yourself and your partner in the mood. Having a romantically themed bedroom can help.

These tips will help add some spice back into your life:

Lose the clutter

Clutter in your bedroom is not sexy and should be avoided. Having the right storage can help to get you in the mood, even if this does sound like a strange fetish!

The right bed

The right bed is essential. It should be soft and comfortable, but hardness in the pillows will also help to stimulate you. Different textures and materials can also help to evoke different feelings.

Add accessories

Whilst a neutral and family friendly room is important, there is a lot that you can do with easily hidden accessories. A fur rug or a sexy red couch can help to spark a flame in the bedroom.