Summer heat that continues late into the evening can negatively affect your sleep. The body cools naturally in the run up to falling asleep, but with high temperatures this natural process is impaired.

It is possible to limit the impact of hot nights by taking steps to make your bedding as well suited to the temperatures as possible. According to Dr Chris Idzikowski, Director of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre and author of Sound Asleep, bed linen made of natural fibres is the best for sleeping on.


Dr Idzikowski also recommended making sure your bedroom is well ventilated because this will enable your body to regulate its temperature overnight. Without ventilation you will struggle to keep cool. Another solution is to put your pillow in the fridge throughout the day so that by night time it’ll be a cool place to rest your head.

If you have a syntheticmattress then Dr Idzikowski suggested putting a cotton wadding mattress protector over the top.