In previous decades all bed linen would have been made at home. They were considered treasured possessions that were passed down from mother to daughter. With mass-produced sheets that we buy in a store much of this nostalgia has been lost, but getting the right sheets for a good night’s rest is still vitally important.

Look for the thread count of sheets because this is often the best indicator of quality. Thread counts vary between 80 and 1000, with the higher numbers being associated with higher quality and softer linens.


The material used in production is also important because natural materials mean better cooling and moisture absorption. Cottons and linen are ideal, especially for warmer climates.

Once you’ve invested in good quality sheets you’ll also need to care for them. You should wash sheets on a weekly basis and rotate them to spread the wear. Use a mild detergent and wash in warm water rather than hot to prolong their life.