When it comes to decorating the kids’ bedrooms, it can sometimes be confusing about which style best suits your home and needs. Try these suggestions for inspiration:


With so much emphasis these days on preserving the environment, the idea of teaching children from a very young age to be eco-conscious is appealing. An eco-friendly design should stand the test of time, moving with the times to reduce modernising. The palette should be neutral, with punches of colour.


Fill unexpected places

The good thing about a kids room is that the little nooks and crannies can be filled with art or something inspiring. Art doesn’t need to be properly structured, make it fun!

Modernise old heirlooms

Do you have an old dresser sitting up in the attic? Try bringing some life to it by painting the handles bright colours.

Create a workspace

From an early age, kids love to be creative. Once they start school, they’ll be needing a good workspace for homework. Adjustable Plexiglas shelving works really well in a kids bedroom as it offers plenty of storage that is easily accessible.

Style up

Take a moment and lie on your child’s bed looking around the room. A bedroom should not be boring, and that includes the space above window sills and door frames. Add colour to these areas to bring life to the room.