One of the first major items that any kid can call their own is their bed. So if you want your kid to feel happy and comfortable in their bedroom, it can help to get them a bed that they will love. The following takes a brief look at a few of the many styles of kids beds available nowadays.

Bunk Beds

For those who have more than one child and a limited amount of space, bunk beds are one of the most efficient and effective styles on the market. Bunk beds allow you to provide each of your kids with their own bed without needing a huge amount of room to do so, and nowadays you can get all manner of creative bunk bed designs. So if you have a couple of young kids that are too old to continue sharing a bed but too young to have their own room, bunk beds can provide the perfect sleeping set up for them until they are ready to have rooms of their own.

Themed Beds

If you have trouble getting your kids to go to bed on time it can help to invest in a bed that they will be a bit more excited to head off to, and themed beds can provide the perfect solution. Nowadays you can find anything from car beds and spaceship beds right through to beds that are designed to look like giant hamburgers, all of which are sure to have your little one far more interested in heading off to bed. If you have decided to invest in a themed bed it is a good idea to have your child come and pick out the one that they like the best, because this way you can be sure they’ll like it rather than have an unfortunate choice lead to nightmares.

Fold Away Beds

A fantastic way to provide your kid with an awesome bed that won’t take up a huge amount of space is to invest in a bed that they can simply fold away when they aren’t using it. Whether you choose a bed that folds away into the wall or the ceiling, having the bed out of the way during the day will mean a lot more space for playing. Fold away beds will also help encourage your child to clean up after themselves at the end of each day, as they will need to at least clear enough space for their bed to be able to fold back out in the evening.

Loft Beds

Another great kid’s bed option for those looking to maximise space in their kid’s room is the simple, stylish and hugely popular loft bed. Loft beds let your kids enjoy the feeling of sleeping high up off the ground, with most loft beds coming with the option of safety railings to prevent your kid from being any chance of falling out of bed. The space underneath the loft bed provides plenty of room for your little one to play, to store their personal items or even lay down another mattress when their friends sleep over, making the loft bed a fantastic option for kids of almost any age.