Snoring can disturb both you and your partner and a bad night’s sleep can have a knock on effect to your day. Thankfully there are some simple ways you can stop the problem of snoring.

Daniel Slaughter, an otolaryngologist and snoring expert, explained that usinga body pillow can be an easy fix for snoring because it helps the snorer sleep on their side. This is the best sleeping position, opposed to lying on your back which can exacerbate the problem.


Weight loss can also help you to stop snoring, despite the fact that some thin people snore too. Sometimes weight gain around the neck can squeeze the inside of the throat so it’s more likely to collapse. This can cause the sounds associated with snoring.

Alcohol can also relax the muscles in your throat and can turn people who do not snore into snorers. Avoid drinking alcohol for five hours before you go to bed.

Another easy way to reduce your tendency to snore is to clear your nasal passages, as this is where the snoring sound is often produced. Have a warm shower before bed and spray a saline solution up your nose to help clear it.