Frustrated with irksome red wine stains, ballpoint pen marks and shoe polish stains? House to Home shared some of the answers to your stain removal nightmares.

Ballpoint ink can be easily removed with methylated spirits on a clean cloth.


Chewing gum can be frozen with ice cubes or put in the freezer. When the gum becomes brittle, break it off with a knife.

Grass stains can be removed with a biological detergent or methylated spirits.

Lipstick can usually be removed with soap and a hot wash.

Mildew can be removed from shower curtains with chlorine. If it is dried then salt and lemon juice will remove it.

Paint can be removed with water if it is emulsion paint and with white spirits if it is solvent based.

Perspiration marks can be removed with clear vinegar or lemon juice.

Red wine will come out when soaked in carbonated water.

Shoe polish will disappear easily when treated with white spirits.