A spare room can be wasted if it is used just as a guest room. Instead, make it work twice as hard by combining it into an office and guest room. Home Life had these tips on making the transition between office and guest room possible.


Throws can be stashed away in an ottoman or in vacuum pack bags at the bottom of a dresser. This will allow a last minute touch of comfort to be added.



Ambient lighting can provide the perfect look for the guest room and if you add lamps to the bedside tables then you can make the room more practical too.


Choose a table that’ll work as multipurpose. It should be practical enough to be a desk for working, but easily transformable into a dressing table for visitors. With a small mirror on the desk your guests will have all they need when they come to visit.


Storage is necessary, but a set of draws will provide all you need. Leaving the top two draws free will give guests somewhere to put their clothes and you can use the rest for office storage.

Relaxing corner

To get more out of your guest room you can also create a corner in which to relax. An armchair and a small table will provide guests with somewhere to unwind and you can use it when the room is free too.