Determining the colours that actually work in your home can be difficult and getting it right in every room is a real challenge. However, there are some simple tried-and-tested colour combinations you can rely on to look incredible together.

Cool, calm colours can have a real impact on a small room. With a light grey as the base colour you can then add simple blue edges and a slightly brighter yellow or mustard to create contrast and depth within the room.

Rich and warm colours are great for the bedroom because it will make the space look comfortable and cosy. Go for ochre, gold and burgundy with furniture in dark wood.

For something a bit bolder pair a peacock blue with its complementary colour, orange. Add some bright green to tie it all together.

Create a tropical vibe by mixing lemon, melon pink and subtle brown together. Try painting the walls with the bright yellow, covering your bed in a melon duvet and adding a touch of nature through a pale wooden bed frame.