A shortage of sleep can make you grouchy and moody, but it can actually also impact your waistline new research has revealed.

Dr Carmel Harrington, a sleep medicine research scientist, found that those who have had a bad night’s sleep will tend to consume 300-500 more calories each day than people who get a good rest.


This link was first noticed in the 1970s during a different study on the link between weight gain and the contraceptive pill.

According to Dr Harrington, ”When we’re sleep-deprived, our reward centres in the brain are very active towards dense carbohydrates foods.” This can effectively reduce our ability to make smart eating decisions and lead to a greater intake.

According to the research, people are sleeping an average of two hours less each day than their grandparents did. An increased risk of weight gain is the result, but one of the causes is related to the use of technology in bedrooms and the presence of bright lights on TVs and digital alarm clocks.