The master bedroom in your home can be easily improved with some simple details. They can add personality and style to a room with very little investment. Houzz suggested these features for extra flair.

Picture ledge

A picture ledge will allow you to neatly and efficiently display portraits and pictures from holidays that you have been on.


Padded headboard

A padded headboard can immediately make your room feel like a luxurious hotel. This feature will also add warmth to the room through the use of textiles.

Freestanding screen

A Victorian-style freestanding screen will create privacy in your room and add style at the same time.


A fireplace in the bedroom will immediately add a sense of sophistication and comfort. This will be perfect for long winter nights in with your spouse.


Adding vintage items and antiques can make the room look more sophisticated. The contrast between old and new will be striking.

Exposed ceilings

Exposed ceilings add style and elegance to a room. The rafters will demand attention and become a wonderful feature.