For some, shopping for a mattress is not a pleasurable experience. The terminology can be confusing and the comparisons bewildering. Here’s some tips from Houzz to make the process easier:

Mattresses should be replaced every five to seven years, or whenever they become uncomfortable or lack the support they once had. Not only do mattresses lose their comfort after time, they also attract dust mites and cause health risks when not changed regularly.


If five to seven years sounds too often to you, look for a quality mattress with a coil count of over 900. Providing you look after it and use a waterproof yet breathable mattress protector, it should last you ten to fifteen years.

When it comes to the shopping, go for whatever makes you feel comfortable. Once upon a time, experts recommended a firm mattress. They’ve since gone on to say that the level of firmness doesn’t affect your health. Do your research before you go and know the different mattress types.