Guest rooms offer a unique challenge to interior decorating, as they must be functional and inviting, and they need to cater to all of the needs of the guest — whatever they may be. To prevent your guests from feeling uncomfortable in their room, or not having all of the supplies they need, then have a look at some of the following tips for decorating a guest room.


Your guest room should offer a variety of lighting options because you can’t know whether your guests like soft lighting for reading, if they need it to be completely dark at night, or how early they want to get up in the morning. In addition to overhead lighting controlled by a main switch, guest bedrooms should also have bedside table lamps or sconces. This way they can easily read at night if they want, and they won’t have to navigate an unfamiliar room in the pitch dark. Get lamps with dimmer switches so your guests can get the exact amount of lighting they need.



Blackout shades are a great option for guest rooms because they allow guests to sleep in late if they prefer to, and they provide a dark, cool space during the heat of the summer. In addition to these, add some blinds or sheer curtains that guests can use instead, just in case they rely on the sun in the morning to be woken up.


A perfectly prepared guest bed will include cotton sheets, a coverlet and a doona on top. This combination offers the perfect amount of flexibility for guests to deal with unexpected night-time temperature swings. If it’s winter and you’re concerned about the cold, having a spare quilt or even a heated mattress pad will allow guests to adjust for their own comfort level. As for pillows, you will want to have a variety available. Provide four standard-sized pillows of varying thickness and firmness, and then a couple of smaller accent pillows to perfect the look.

Bedside tables

Besides the bed, bedside tables are some of the most important pieces of furniture in your guest room. These are particularly useful for lamps, but you can also put things like a bottle of water, an alarm clock, tissues, and a small flower arrangement as well as a small selection of reading materials on them. A nearby iPod dock or a power strip will also prevent guests from having to awkwardly search the room for a power point.


Your guests will need a space to store some of their items, but a freestanding wardrobe is often more than adequate. A small chest of drawers offers ample storage space for guests’ clothes, and hooks also provide a perfect place to hang items as well. At the very least, providing a classic bench or trunk at the foot of the bed will provide an easy place for guests to put their suitcases, extra blankets, and other personal items that should be kept off the floor.

There is a lot to consider when creating a guest room, as you need to provide everything a guest may need during their stay without overcrowding the space. By including some of the above-mentioned items, you are sure to make a space that will be both comfortable and practical for any guest.