Simplicity, tranquillity and good cheer are the three most important elements in a bedroom redesign.

Before you begin you should consider practicality because a bedroom is a private space and serves more purposes than sleeping. Reading, writing a letter and simply unwinding are all common uses for the bedroom and this should be considered as part of your redesign plan.

Here are some key design points to set out before you begin the search for furniture and paint.



This is one of the most important elements in a bedroom. Choosing a combination of ambient and task lighting is a sensible move so that you can make the room comfortable and practical too.


You’ll want to keep your feet warm all year round. Wall-to-wall carpeting is popular, but area rugs can work wonders too.


The frame you choose is important because this will be the dominant feature in the room. It’s also where you sleep, so be sure to consider comfort and practicality as well as style.

Curtains or blinds

These will have an impact in stopping the light from pouring in or allowing it to flood over you in the morning.