When your baby is first born they will sleep in cribs and cots, but this cannot last forever. A crib or cot offers wonderful benefits as they keep your child safe by preventing them from falling or getting out of bed and wandering around. Therefore a first bed is a huge step to take because these safety features are lost and your child will instantly have more freedom during the night. Here we can consider how to ensure that your child stays safe when they are transitioning into their first bed.

Start Low

Bunk beds and raised beds are wonderful for children but they are not an appropriate choice for a first bed. A first bed should be low to the ground so that your child can get out of bed by themselves. Falling several feet from a bunk or raised bed could result in serious injuries. Ideally a child should be able to almost reach the floor when sitting on the bed.

Install Rails

Rails along the sides of the bed are an important addition to a first bed. Children tend to roll around a lot while they sleep and they can fall out if there are no rails. All cots and cribs have sides, so your child will be used to sleeping against the edges. Rails will prevent nasty bumps in the night when your child rolls out of bed.

Install a Stair Gate

It is likely that you will already have a stair gate in your home when you have an infant. If you don’t, a child’s move to their first big bed is a good time to get one. Now that your child will be able to get out of bed unaided they could walk or crawl to the top of the stairs unsupervised. A stair gate will stop them from tumbling down drops and stairs in the dark. Likewise, you should make sure all items that your child should not be near are locked away and out of reach at night.

Get Them Excited

A move to a ‘big person’ bed is a huge one and it is essential that you make this clear to your child. Getting them excited about the bed will make them more willing to embrace the change and it will also mean that they are willing to accept the responsibility that goes with it. You can impress upon them the importance of staying in bed as a trade-off to moving to a grown up bed, which should help to keep them safe at night.

Mattress Protectors

At the point when your child moves to their first bed there may still be some potty training problems. For this reason, it is sensible to get a mattress protector for the bed to help save the new mattress from getting damaged and smelly. You should also consider providing a potty for your child to use in the night. This can encourage independent use and be an important step on the path to growing up.