When you are a kid you spend a huge amount of time in your bedroom, and having a bedroom that is fun is pretty much as good as life gets at an early age. If you have kids and want to ensure they love their bedroom, show how awesome a parent you are by making their bedroom something really special. The following is a look at some of the things you can do to make your kid’s bedroom more fun.

Paint it

It is incredible what a few coats of paint can do to a room, and whether you have professionals come in or have a go at painting it yourself, you can certainly make your kid’s bedroom a lot more fun by in this way. You can have the solar system painted on the ceiling or have the entire room painted to look like a jungle; regardless, let your kid choose what they want, or better yet, let them paint one of the walls themselves.


Invest in a fun bed

It can be hard getting your younger kids to go to bed, either because they are scared or just want to keep playing, so having an awesome bed can help a lot when you are trying to convince them to go to bed of an evening. Whether you invest in a racing car bed or cool doonas and pillows to fancy up the bed they already have, make sure they also have a quality mattress, because their growing bodies need the support.

Pick up an awesome lamp

It can take a while for some kids to get used to sleeping on their own in the dark, but having a good lamp can help. Apart from helping your little ones to get used to having less light, a lamp can also be a lot of fun, as you can get all kinds of creative shades or even colour filters, and then there are the huge range of lava lamps as well. Get inspired and have some fun with the lighting in your kid’s room, and they are far more likely to be happy in there.

Build a library

Encouraging your kids to read is one of the best things you can do for them, because apart from being a great way to have some fun and learn a lot, reading is also fantastic exercise for young, growing minds. Building a library of fun books in your kid’s room will make it a whole lot more entertaining for them in there, so provide your kids with quality books to read and you will be providing countless hours of fun.

Add a stereo

Adding music to your kid’s room is certain to add a lot of fun as well, so treat your kids to their own stereo system so they can rock out on their own in there. Obviously, you will need to agree on a tolerable level for their stereo’s volume to be set, but otherwise your gift is sure to help encourage them to sing, dance and have fun.