It is reasonable to expect privacy in your bedroom, but you will need to be proactive about your bedroom setup if you want this to actually be the case. The following is a look at some of the easy things you can do to maintain privacy in your bedroom.

Close the curtains

Unless you live in a more remote place than most, chances are good that you have someone living right next door to you, so if you want to enjoy 100 per cent privacy in your bedroom you will need to be willing to close the curtains. Make sure they provide the level of privacy you need by taking a look from the outside in yourself, because there is nothing worse than thinking you have privacy when you don’t.

Invest in screens

If you want to maximise privacy in your bedroom while still allowing plenty of fresh air to flow in, investing in screens for your windows can be a marvellous solution. Security screens are particularly useful, as they can prevent people from seeing or getting in while allowing you to leave your window wide open on those warm summer evenings.

Upgrade your bed

Older beds have the unfortunate tendency of squeaking whenever you make the slightest movement, which can make it hard to keep any of your activities in bed very private. If you’d rather the entire house not know every detail of your love life, invest in a new mattress, as this way no one will be able to hear whatever it is you are doing in there.

Position your bed carefully

If your bedroom shares a wall with someone else’s, for the sake of your privacy and theirs, it is wise to position your bed on the opposite side of the room, otherwise you will be mere feet from each other when in bed. If the walls are relatively thin you may still be able to hear each other even from across the room, but at least you won’t hear every single sound.

Shut the door

While it can be great for the airflow in your room to leave your bedroom door open at night, it isn’t good for your levels of privacy, because even leaving your door open a crack can make it easy for others to hear you. If you are concerned about your privacy, close the door.

Play music

If you are looking for ways to maintain privacy in your bedroom, music can be a great way to do it. Whether you want to have a private discussion or be intimate with your partner, having music playing will often help to mask whatever words or sounds you are making, so for the sake of privacy, put on some tunes.

Keep it dark

Keeping your bedroom dark will reduce the chance of your shadows or silhouettes giving you away, and with the lights off there is a greater chance that no one will even know you are in there.