When you get a new mattress, you immediately enjoy the comfort and cleanliness of it. However this will only last for a few months if you are not careful to maintain it correctly. Maintaining a mattress properly takes little effort but makes a huge difference to the mattress’ longevity and to the comfort that it will provide over the years to come. Herein we consider how best to maintain a new mattress.

Allow it to Air

You should change your sheets once a week for hygiene reasons. This is because you sweat at night and also shed hair and skin cells. When changing the sheets, it is sensible to do more than just strip the bed and put new sheets on. Stripping the bed in the morning and leaving it throughout the day will give the mattress a chance to air out and this will make it fresher for when you put new sheets on in the evening. You can also add mattress freshener to this process but you will then have to vacuum the mattress before you replace the sheets.

Flip it

You should flip your mattress on a regular basis. This can be done whenever you change the sheets or just once every fortnight. This means that the pressure will be evenly distributed. As well as flipping the mattress, turn it alternately so that both sides and the top and bottom of the mattress share the load of your weight over time. This will also spread out general wear and tear. Keep in mind that mattress flipping is only beneficial if you have a double-sided mattress. Some mattresses are designed to not be flipped as they are different on the top and bottom, however these can still be rotated around.

Use the Sun

The sun is one of the best cleansers when it comes to mattresses because it kills germs and removes smells. Taking your mattress out into the sunlight for an afternoon once a month works well because it will cleanse the mattress and remove any odours. Be sure to place the mattress on a clean surface and turn it periodically so that all sides can benefit from the cleansing properties of the sun.

Avoid Spillages

The worst thing you can do to a mattress is to spill drinks or other liquids onto it. Drinking tea or hot chocolate in bed can be nice as an indulgence, but it is important that you do not spill them. A bedside table should always be nearby if you are going to drink in bed and you must be sure to keep it clear to avoid knocking your drink over by mistake.

Bed Accidents

Accidents do occur in bed and it is important that you do all you can to clear them up immediately. Leaving a child’s urine, vomit or a drink to soak into your mattress is the fastest way to create an odour and hygiene problem. You should strip the bed immediately and be sure to spray the area with disinfectant. The mattress will then need to air and you should be sure to leave it in the sun for some time the next day.