The cool season offers a particular challenge for families that want to stay warm in bed without having the furnace or heater cranked up all night long. Since there is nothing worse than climbing into a cold bed and trying to get to sleep, the following tips will help you outfit the beds in your household to be warmer and more comfortable during the winter season.

Down-filled doona

Down is far softer, lighter and warmer than any other bedding material, and is fantastic for insulating and maintaining a consistent body temperature in all climate conditions. Since the feathers make the doona compressible and resilient, it will easily conform to the contours of your body and move with you while you sleep. Another fantastic feature of down is that it has the ability to breathe and transfer moisture away from your body, so you never have to worry about that icky feeling of waking up sweaty and hot in the middle of the night.


Heated mattress pad

If you are creating a new winter “outfit” for your bed, then a heated mattress pad should be your statement piece. Especially if you live in a cooler climate or don’t have any central heating, heated mattress pads are highly effective at generating warmth and keeping it contained under your body. They are even better than electric blankets because less heat is lost throughout the night, they are safer to use, and they are more durable. Heated mattress pads can fit a single bed through to a king size bed, come with a variety of heat settings, and have timers that help you avoid overheating.

Flannel sheets

If you want to completely forego the use of heaters and electricity to keep your bed warm, flannel sheets are an excellent cold weather option. With regular sheets, you must use your own body heat to create a warm area, so you need to withstand the initial chill of climbing into bed. Flannel sheets, on the other hand, are not frigid when you get into bed and are able to adjust to your body temperature quickly. They also eliminate that dreaded feeling of rolling out of your warm spot and into a cold one in the middle of the night!

Fleece pyjamas

Everyone in your family will benefit from wearing fleece pyjamas to bed as they offer a lightweight and warm alternative to cotton. Fleece does an excellent job of providing heat without adding too much bulk, and is soft and comfortable enough to help the wearer get a good night’s sleep.

Hot water bottles

Hot water bottles are the old-school standby and aren’t going out of style anytime soon. They are highly effective at keeping your extremities warm without making you wait for an electric heater or your own body heat to warm you up. When you’re in a cold situation, your body will automatically pull heat away from your hands and feet in order to keep your torso warm, and a hot water bottle is far more comfortable and effective at warming them back up without having to resort to restrictive mittens and socks.

This winter, be conscientious about how you will stay warm without having to resort to heating up your entire room. By finding creative ways to keep your bed warm, you will not only save heaps on your energy bill, but you will also get a fantastic night’s sleep.