Decorating a bedroom can be expensive, but if you’ve got a tight budget it’s not impossible. Try these tips from Ottawa at Home to give yourself a stylish bedroom without breaking the bank:

Begin with a colour scheme

Start with a colour scheme that’s easy to work with such as neutral shades. Paint is a lot cheaper than wallpaper and it can easily be applied yourself. The colours you choose should reflect the character of the room, and it’s even better if they work these existing elements in the bedroom.


Repurpose items

When redecorating you do not need to replace everything. Instead you can repurpose items. An old bookshelf can be given a new lease of life with a coat of paint. Painting the inside in a contrasting colour can give the bookcase a modern twist.

Spend on bedding

The area where you should spend most is on bedding. This is because it is the main feature in any bedroom. As you spend eight hours between the sheets each day comfort is also a key consideration.

By saving on the basic decorations and repurposing furniture you should save yourself some cash. The important thing is knowing when to splurge a little and when to look for affordable alternatives.