Designer Jessica Cotton loves the unexpected when it comes to interior decor. She’s a big fan of the graphic boho look, which is all about breaking the rules and mixing old with new and modern with traditional.

When a client came to her with the challenge to incorporate a love of modernist and contemporary art with their collection of traditional antique pieces she knew graphic boho was the way to go.


Cotton achieved the look by finding connections between the two styles. She used an antique rug under the bed and hung a brightly coloured contemporary painting by artist Andy DeCola on the wall above. The rug and painting both complimented each other with their pale blue and gold hues.

For the bedding Cotton used a boldly patterned bedspread in largely neutral colours and a touch of blue that fitted in with the rug and artwork. She kept the furniture traditional with antique bedside tables.

Yet to add a modern twist to the room Cotton introduced mounted desk lamps. By going against convention the lamps add an extra degree of interest to the room, which is what this look is all about.