Being healthy requires making an effort, and the best place to start with your efforts is at home. With the right setup at home, it will be a whole lot easier to be healthier and happier in the rest of your life. The following are a few upgrades you can have done at home to improve your health.

Get rid of carpets

In recent years, there has been a lot of research done into the impact of carpets on the environment, and it has started to emerge that carpets are in fact quite bad for the quality of the air. Especially if you have young children, get rid of those carpets. You might get lucky and find you have some nice hardwood underneath, or you could even just have that concrete slab polished; regardless, almost anything will be better than carpets as far as air quality goes.


Upgrade your bed

Having a well-supported bed is crucial to your health, and so if you are using a poorly supported bed you are putting your back, neck and spine at considerable risk. To provide a big health upgrade at your place, then, invest in a new bed.

There are a huge variety of beds on the market these days, and it is very much a case of getting what you pay for, so if your old bed has had its day, do some research, try out a few beds at the store, and find the best possible new bed to suit you. Make sure you invest in new pillows as well, because otherwise your old pillows may be the only things holding you back from reaching full health.

Maximise natural light

To be healthy and happy it is vital that you get plenty of sunlight, so if you are looking for a way to make your home a healthier place, find a way to let more sunlight in. You can have a skylight or a glass sliding door installed, or even an extra window or two, and while it may take a significant effort to let that extra light in, you are certain to feel healthier and happier as a result.

Get a water filter

Filtering your own water is a smart way to safeguard the quality of the water you drink (and therefore your health), so if you don’t already have a way to filter you own water at home, get one. Investing in a countertop water filter, or even one you can attach directly to the tap, will mean you can rest easy knowing that the water you drink is always clean.

Build a garden

Health studies have consistently shown a strong correlation between gardening and health, in particular if you are growing organic fruits and vegetables, so if you aren’t already a gardener, consider giving it a go. Regardless of what you grow, the boost of colour, energy and life that any garden provides is guaranteed to transform whatever space your garden is in, helping to make your home a far healthier place.