A Guide to Choosing Bedding for SummerWhen summer arrives, there’s plenty of sunny days to look forward to. Yet nights can be a different story of sweaty, restless sleep. If you find yourself waking in the wee hours feeling hot and sticky, there’s a few steps you can take to get that good night’s rest. It all starts with the bedding that you’re sleeping on.

Here are some tips for buying bed linen for the warmer months:

Choose natural fibres
For breathable sheets that won’t leave you sweating at night, look for fabrics made from natural materials over synthetic fabrics that don’t allow for ventilation. Cotton sheets are a popular choice, as they are not only comfortable and durable, but affordable too. When possible, look for organic cotton sheets. Cotton percale bed linen offers a crisp, luxurious feel and is lightweight and cool to touch. Cared for properly, it will last for years. Sateen is more expensive than regular cotton, but offers a smoother and softer finish. Egyptian cotton is considered the most durable and luxurious, but the costs can be significantly higher.

Silk sheets can look very inviting on a bed in summer as not only do they feel great on the skin, but they regulate your temperature well too. They do come with a high price tag, which can be off-putting for some shoppers. Some people also find the way silk bedding drapes itself over the body to be claustrophobic. Linen also breathes well and is cool in summer, but it does wrinkle easily, requiring more care.

Aim for a 300-400 thread count
Many people believe that the higher the thread count of the sheet, the more luxurious the feel, but this is not always the case, especially in summer. Sheets with a very high thread count can block the air from passing through freely, resulting in the heat being trapped underneath. A good guide is to choose a thread count of around 300-400.

Choose light colours
Light coloured sheets reflect the light rather than absorb it. White is a popular choice as not only do the sheets offer a crisp, refreshing feel, but they are easy to launder with a bit of bleach. When washing your bed linen, it’s recommended you do it at least every six days. Clean sheets will always feel cooler than those dirty with sweat and dead skin. You should also let your bedding dry naturally in the sun, rather than tumble drying.