70% of Australians aged over 18 do not know what is “normal” when it comes to sleep patterns.

The findings of a study by a Victorian university revealed that the majority of the 220 people surveyed believed that you should not wake up at any point during the night. In particular, 95% of participants aged below 25-years believe this is the case.


Lead researcher Professor Dorothy Bruck said that the study’s results prove a disconnection between the science of sleep and community understanding.

Bruck explained that normal sleep consists of periods of light and deep sleep, with several brief wakings over the course of the night. She is concerned that by people believing it is wrong to wake, they are putting undue stress on their sleep habits. When people become anxious about waking, they find it harder to get back to sleep.

Bruck suggested that there needs to be more education on normal sleep patterns to reduce people’s anxiety.

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2013/10/21/3871376.htm