Being unable to sleep can ruin your night and leave you feeling exhausted the next day. Here are some tips on how to drift off sooner.

Take a bath

Warming your body and then slowly cooling down makes you sleepy and prepares your body for bed.


Wind down

In the hours before bedtime you should relax. Turning off your TV, laptop and phone is important to remove any stimulation. Switching from bright lights to candles can also help you to wind down. Don’t drink anything with caffeine immediately before bedtime as this will make it hard to relax. Instead, try a herbal tea for a hot drink.

Buy bedding by touch

Bedding should be bought because it is comfy, not because it looks cool. Itchy sheets will stop you from sleeping even if they do look pretty.

Remove stimulants from your room

Your bedroom should be a place to rest. Remove TVs and other stimulants so that when you go into your room you are ready to sleep. Ultimately, you want your bedroom to be a sanctuary where you feel stress-free. Add an essential oil diffuser to your room with some lavender. The scent has been known to help with relaxation.