When you buy a new home you will realise how empty a house can really be. It’s tempting to go on a shopping spree to fill your home up with things you ‘need’, but taking a considered approach is a better way to stay on budget. Taking your time and looking for a bargain will save you a great deal of money in the long run, advised Lifehacker.

What do you really need?

It’s tempting to buy what you want instead of what you need, but starting with the essentials and getting them on the cheap is a far better move. You actually need very little to start out with in a home and you can buy these at a low cost with a view to upgrade when you can afford to. Start with items like basic bedding, kitchen utensils and appliances such as a fridge.


Decorate the home yourself

You may want to start decorating your home with bright colours the second you move in, but this can be costly. Instead you can make a big impact by putting up family photos and artwork or posters that you have collected. This will quickly make the rooms more homely.

Ask Facebook

Your Facebook network is filled with friends who will often have garages full of unwanted items that you need. A simple post asking for essentials for a cheap price can often get you set up and established on the cheap. You may even score something for free.