During the darker, cooler months of the year, it is summertime that everyone dreams of and longs for. The sun shines brighter, there is less to stress about and there is more fun to be had — except for when the high temperatures really kick in. If your home doesn’t have air con, or you choose to keep it off, then you may just find yourself tossing and turning in futile pursuit of a comfortable sleep. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to ease this discomfort, and the following tips will help you keep your cool no matter how hot it gets.

Choose your mattress carefully

Next time you’re in the market for a new mattress, keep the long, hot summer nights in mind before you choose one. Your mattress has a lot to do with regulating your body temperature throughout the night, and the one you choose could make it either easier or harder to stay cool. Although memory foam mattresses are soft and very comfortable, they are well known for their propensity to trap body heat and make you uncomfortably hot. Latex mattresses, on the other hand, are touted for their breathability and their knack for dissipating hot air.


Increase the air circulation

Increased air circulation not only freshens up a room, but moving air also makes your skin feel cooler. There are a lot of great ways to get the air moving in a room, and simply opening up a window or two could work wonders. To get extra flow, create a cross breeze through your bedroom by placing a fan facing in one window and another fan facing out another window. Bed fans that blow air under your blanket are also effective at cooling you off directly, and misting your skin lightly with water will increase the cooling power of any fan.

Use cool bedding material

Just like how some bedding material can keep you warm in the winter, other types can keep you cool in the summer. Natural fibres such as light cotton, silk and bamboo are fantastic fibres for bedding that are light and highly breathable. If you’re the kind of person who still likes to have a blanket covering them in the night, however, then a down doona is your best option if you want to stay covered and cool at the same time. Down is very breathable and can insulate cool air just as well as warm.

Bring an ice pack to bed

Studies have shown that people fall asleep more easily when their bodies are cool, which is very hard to achieve during the blistering summer. You can trick your body into believing it’s cool enough to sleep simply by applying a cold compress or ice pack to sensitive parts of your body, such as your core, inner arm or behind the knees. Damp, rolled up towels, frozen water bottles and ice packs are a few examples of items you can take to bed with you to help cool your body down and bring on sleep.

Take a cool shower

Some people swear by taking a cool shower or bath before bed, or even just wiping their body down with a cool washcloth. Without fully drying yourself, you can then hop into bed and let the air slowly dry you. This will hopefully keep you cool long enough to fall asleep. While you’re slightly damp, you can also direct a fan towards your body, and this will keep you so cool that you’ll be reaching for a blanket in no time!