If you have been feeling a bit down in the dumps of late, try looking at your home’s interior. Is it light or dark?

According to Freshome, humans respond much better to homes filled with natural light and light-inspired decor, which can lift your spirits from flat to happy. Here are five ways to bring more light to your home in an instant:


1. Walk through your home to assess dark spots

When you’ve lived in your home for a while, your decor becomes second nature and you might not realise that you are living with dark spots. Take a walk through your home and pick up the areas that could do with brightening and look at what is causing dim spaces.

2. Mix and match colour

Whites need a bit of warmth so try teaming your white with warm neutral colours such as espresso and tan.

3. Bring light to ceilings

Wood panelled ceilings or a ceiling painted in a rich dark colour can leave a room feeling closed in. Add some light using recessed lighting.

4. Balance out finishes

If you like the idea of dark kitchen cabinetry, finish the room with light coloured countertops.

5. Add glow in a dark bedroom

One room that can be glamorous when kept dark is the bedroom, but even then you still need some form of light, both for practical reasons and style. Try pendant lamps or soft glowing lamp shades to add just enough glow.