The key to good bedroom decor is keeping it simple, but creating a simple design is sometimes harder than it looks.

According to Houzz, the trick is to get the floor plan right – a bedroom should give you everything you want, no matter the size. To build a clever-designed floor place, there are five things you should consider:


1. Simple circulation

Try to keep the space for moving around on one side of the room. If your bedroom also features an ensuite bathroom or walk in closet working out the circulation space may be a bit trickier.

Always make sure you can access three sides of the mattress.

2. Centre it on the view

The first thing you should notice when you walk into a bedroom is the view. Focus on the vista, not the bed.

3. Include privacy

Creating a small foyer at the entrance of your bedroom will stop people from looking directly in. You want to be able to keep your bedroom door open, without feeling like it’s being exposed to the world.

4. Connect with the outdoors

If your bedroom is on the ground floor, try adding french doors that open up onto the garden or build a little balcony off the bedroom if it’s upstairs. This will open the room up and make it feel more spacious, while allowing lots of light to enter the space.

5. Choose a house corner for the bedroom

By having your bedroom in the corner of your home, you’ll get windows on two or more adjacent walls. Not only will this give you a great source of natural light, but your bedroom will have cross ventilation too.