In 1938, the Finnish government began sending all expectant mothers a cardboard box that contained a ‘starter kit’ for newborn babies. The box, which doubled as a cot complete with mattress and bedding, was a way to encourage parents not to co-sleep with their new baby.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, sharing a bed with your newborn child can be bad for their health. Studies show that a baby who shares a bed with its mother is five times more likely to suffer Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).


Since the Finnish government introduced its baby safe sleeping initiative, the country has seen a huge decline in infant mortality rates. Finland now boasts one of the lowest rates in the world with just three deaths in every 1,000. When you compare that to the 1930s when the mortality rate was 65 in every 1,000 babies, it seems the box kit is working.

Included in the box are items such as clothing, cloth nappies, towels, nappy cream, teething toys and muslin squares.