In most houses women still do the majority of the ‘nest building’ in the bedroom and this can lead to an overly feminine shared master bedroom. The most significant issue is usually colour and even girly features like lace that won’t really appeal to the male relationship. Here are some tips from Houzz on how make a room that is suited for both sexes.


  • Use black in the room to anchor it with a masculine feel.
  • Use subtle colours like smoky grey or white to create the base of the room.
  • Add accents of colour to bring features out.
  • Keep bright displays to a minimum so that they are features of the room rather than dominant elements.
  • Use traditional styles to make the room appeal to both sexes. Work together to create a colour scheme you both like.
  • Orange and blue are the colours that appeal most to men in marketing and they can work effectively in a bedroom. A blue base with orange accents will appeal to him and her alike.