Calm and quiet are the ideal traits for a bedroom. Architect Carlos Aparicio has a particular knack for designing a soothing space. He shared some of the tricks he uses to create a room perfect for rest:

Envelope the room in neutralising grey


Grey is an ideal colour for a bedroom as it perfectly balances both masculine and feminine features. Using a matte finish will reduce the appearance of surface flaws.

Restrict the number of cushions

A mountain of cushions means the bed is the only thing you see when entering the bedroom. Keep cushions to a minimum and let other objects shine.

Restrain proportions

Keep the bed simple in style. Go for a frame that doesn’t crowd a space and frees up more room for a lounge area.

Look for calming geometrics

A low-pile rug in a sophisticated grid pattern can add extra texture and detail to a bedroom without being overwhelming. You could also go for any geometric pattern that makes use of symmetry and balance.

Introduce organic shapes

In a room predominately decorated with straight lines, a whimsical shape can add texture, and soften the room’s appearance.

Let objects speak for themselves

Ensure statement objects can be seen from all angles. Only include a few of such pieces and reduce clutter.