Decorating your child’s room should be a fun and gratifying experience, only limited by your imagination. A child’s bedroom is where many memories will be made and its important the space is not only practical, but exciting for your child and a place where they want to spend time.

Better Homes and Gardens had these tips:

Decide on a theme

Work out what theme you want the room to be: butterflies, pirates, princesses or dinosaurs etc. Bare in mind that interests change, so it needs to be adaptable.


Determine your colour palette

Each colour can impact how you feel when you enter a room. Red will exude energy and vitality, while yellow helps the occupant to stay focused. Green is very calming and orange is cheerful.

Once you have chosen the base colour of your room, work out your complimentary colours. This can be achieved by selecting up to three opposite colours on a colour wheel. You can then tie it all together by introducing neutrals such as white, cream and grey.

3. Consider storage

As your child grows, so will their belongings, making storage important. Consider storage solutions that are built into the bed, allowing the bedroom to stay tidy.