As much as you want to give your child the most stylish space possible, when it comes to a bedroom, the number one rule is safety first. When decorating a bedroom, House to Home advised following a few simple rules are essential to ensure your kids are safe and sound.


  • Fix free standing furniture to the wall to avoid tipping over. This can be achieved using fixing brackets.
  • Use socket covers to keep little fingers out of plug sockets.
  • Secure any dangling cords from lamps or window blinds.



  • Position the bed against a radiator that could get hot. Also avoid placing a bed directly underneath a window.
  • Hang heavy pictures or mirrors above the bed.
  • Place your children in bunk beds until they are over six years old.
  • Leave windows and drawers open. Use childproof latches to secure draws shut and use latches to prevent windows from opening more than 10cm.