One of the most fun tasks you can do with your young kids is to help them come up with decorating ideas for their bedroom. When kids reach a certain age, it’s a lot of fun for them to organise and decorate their personal space in such a way that reflects their evolving personality, and helping them achieve their goals is very rewarding for you. The following tips will help you create a fun, vibrant and lively room for your kids.

Make the windows stand out

When decorating a bedroom, many people overlook the importance of curtains for helping to enhance the overall look. By choosing colourful curtains that match the motif of the bedroom, you can use light and fabric to add a fun design element to the room and make the overall look much more vibrant.


Use toys as decorations

Children’s toys are colourful and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so they often make for excellent decorative pieces for a kids’ room. This also saves you on bedroom storage space, as you can use hooks and shelves to hang and display toys instead.

Use prints and paints

The bedroom walls are where you can have the most fun. Start by choosing brightly coloured paint that will act as the primary colour in the room, and then play it up by adding sections of printed wallpaper or decals. Aside from the wall, don’t be afraid to branch out and use your paints and prints for cabinets, shelving and other accents. If you have a creative streak, then paint a mural instead!

Choose fitting fabrics

For the fabrics in the room, choose ones that match the theme and colours. Children’s bedding comes in a variety of colours and patterns, so it’s easy to find some that will complement the overall design. Accent pillows, rugs and spare blankets should also match well with your curtains and wall colours.

Don’t forget the ceiling

Take your design a step further and include the ceiling in your painting and decorating, with painting clouds or sticking up glow-in-the-dark stars perfect ways to include the ceiling in your design.

Make it educational

It’s easy to get carried away with the fun elements like colours and toys when decorating a kids’ room, but it’s important that you throw in some educational elements as well. Creating a workspace that conforms to the overall theme of the room is as easy as getting a unique desk, chair, lamps and shelving to make a functional homework space. You can also place fun learning aids around the room, such as books, charts, posters and maps.

Add storage

If there is anything every adult knows about kids’ rooms, it’s that they get messy — and fast! Well-planned and unique storage ideas offer a fantastic way to encourage kids to put their things away when they’re done using them. If there isn’t easy storage for them to use, chances are that everything will end up sprawled out on the floor!

Decorating a kids’ room is the perfect opportunity to unleash your inner interior designer, and to spend quality time with your kids. No matter what decorations you end up using, creating a space that makes your child happy and comfortable is worth the time and effort.