It’s long been known that the amount of sleep you get can determine your overall health, but a recent survey revealed that sufficient sleep is the most beneficial way of reducing your chance of suffering heart disease or a stroke.

According to BBC News Health, the study showed that while regular exercise, a good diet, reduced drinking and being a nonsmoker can help reduce the risks, sleep was the biggest factor in saving lives.


In theory, with the right amount of sleep, many heart and stroke deaths could be prevented.

The Dutch study, which followed 14,000 people, revealed that by living a healthy lifestyle and following the four ‘good’ behaviours, it was possible to lower risk of dying from a stroke or heart disease by 67%. Throw seven hours or more sleep into the mix, and the risk was reduced by 83%.

During the study, 129 participants died and it is believed that should the participants have practiced the five ‘good behaviours’ (including sleep), 57% of deaths could have been prevented.