Lice are an unfortunate and sometimes unavoidable reality when you have small children and it is important to know how to deal with them properly. There is nothing worse than a house infested with lice. To eliminate lice from your home effectively you will need to take steps to clear everyone’s heads and clean the linen too. Herein we consider all you need to know about cleaning linen after a child comes home with lice.

Shampoo and Nit Combs

To get rid of lice you will need to begin at the epicentre of the problem – your child’s head. You should get all of your family members to take a shower one by one and use anti-lice shampoo. Then follow up by going through everyone’s hair with a nit comb. This should kill all of the lice and eliminate the remaining casings so that you can be sure you are rid of the source of the infestation.

Strip the Beds and Sofas

The next important step is to strip the linen from all of the beds in the home and remove the covers from all fabric sofas and chairs. The manchester should then be put through the washing machine on the hottest setting possible to kill any lice remaining in the material. Be sure to keep the dirty linen well away from the clean linen when you pull it from the washing machine to prevent reinfestation.

Dry the linen

Drying the linen in a tumble dryer is a good option if you have one because the heat will help to finish off any lice that may have survived. A tumble dryer will also help to make the lengthy process of cleaning and drying all the linen easier to manage. Alternatively, you can hang the linen in the sun to dry and this will also help to cleanse the sheets. To get the best of both worlds, hang the bedding outside after tumble drying to allow the remnants of the dead lice to be blown off.

Treat the Furniture

The final step in dealing with lice is to treat the furniture. This is an opportunity to care for your mattresses and furniture properly, so it deals with two problems at once. Using furniture treatments is simple as it generally requires you to just shake powder onto the furniture and mattresses and leave it for several hours. You will then need to vacuum this powder off, leaving your furniture clean.

Clean the Carpets and Rugs

Lice can also get into the carpets and rugs, particularly if you have small children that like to play on the floor. You should treat your carpet with a carpet powder and let it set before vacuuming it up. Cleansing your carpets will put the final nail in the lice-coffin in your home.

Keep the Family Away

After their delousing showers, it is important to keep the family away from the areas that are being cleaned to prevent them becoming reinfested. Ideally, one parent should take the children out while the other carries out the linen, mattress, carpet and furniture cleaning. Remember that it only takes a small amount of lice to breed thousands and reinfest your home.