A vintage style can be a great look for a bedroom. There are many ways to create this atmosphere and here are some tips from House to Home on how to do so.

Sleep beneath roses

Floral patterns can very quickly create a vintage look in your room. A feature wall with floral patterns or a duvet with a flower print can make your room feel vintage immediately.


Go dotty

The 1950s heralded a period of dotty patterns and this is a great style to rejuvenate. Polka dot bedspreads can create a fun vintage style.

Paint your headboard

An old bed can be reclaimed in a retro redesign. By repainting your bed in bright colours you can create a retro look and your other furniture can be painted to match too. Textured bedding will also add to the look and create a feminine feel.

Pastel colours

Pastel colours create the perfect palette for a retro room. With soft blues and greys you can create a base and some pastel pink will add a retro flair.

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