Not every home is lucky enough to contain a spare bedroom for guests, so sofa beds are a great tool for when visitors come a knocking. Whether you place them in an office or a living room, sofa beds offer flexibility and a comfortable bed when space is limited.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, the key to buying a sofa bed is determining its usage. If you plan to make the sofa bed centre stage in your living room and used as an everyday place to sit, you’ll want a sofa with a slat base for support. A sofa bed used as an ordinary sofa needs to be supportive and should be good quality to ensure longevity.


When using a sofa bed for regular stays in a spare room, the key is to look for a superior mattress. An innerspring mattress is ideal and will prevent couples rolling into the middle. The thicker the mattress, the less likely your guests will feel uncomfortable bars sticking into their backs. However, do be aware that the thicker the mattress, the harder the sofa bed will be to open.