Wool, latex, foam and horsehair are just some of the fillings that you’ll find when searching for an eco-friendly mattress. It can be difficult to wade through the options and find the best option for you, but this list will help you to narrow your field of focus.

Coco fibre and seaweed

Coco fibre and seaweed are variations on the ‘stuffed’ type of mattresses that are commonly made from foam. This means that there are no irritating springs to consider.


Organic cotton and wool

For a traditional innerspring style bed the best materials to look for are organic cotton and wool. Synthetic materials have fire retardant chemicals, but cotton and wool will provide natural fire resistance without threatening your health.

Natural latex

Natural latex is produced from trees and takes on properties much like memory foam once it has been treated. Some people do have latex allergies so it’s important to check this beforehand, but this is a comfortable eco-friendly option.

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