Celebrity homes are mysteries for most of us, but what would a celebrity’s bedroom actually look like? Here are some sneak peeks into the bedrooms of celebrities.

Musician Daimon Downey and actor Georgia Gorman

Daimon and Georgia share a simple, elegant bedroom with bright coloured throws and some simple art hanging over their bed. An eccentric bedside table adds extra colour to the room.


DJ Simon Digby

Simon wanted to create a boutique hotel style in his bedroom. He achieved this with a modern style and slick surfaces. The feature wall uses tactile wallpaper that looks like fabric from a distance.

Fashion designer Marnie Skillings

Marnie has a very simple room with crisp white walls and a photo taken by her husband on the wall. This simple look is given some history through hand-me-down antique furniture.

Australian author Nikki Gemmell

Nikki’s bedroom is marked by her unique style, featuring a bed made from a reclaimed gate. Personal style is also added through a column of postcards that Nikki has collected over the years.

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