When you buy a new mattress it will smell fresh, new and untainted. After a few weeks, however, your mattress will begin to pick up the odours and scents of your body. We sleep for around a third of our lives, so mattresses undergo a lot of wear and tear over the years. Taking care of a new mattress will keep it clean and safe, however, so herein we consider how to look after your new spread.

Change the Sheets

The first important step in keeping your mattress in good condition is to ensure that you change the sheets regularly. All bedding should be changed once a week or once a fortnight at most because this stops any unpleasant build-up of dirt from occurring. The sheets should also be washed at a very high temperature to ensure that any dirt and germs are properly removed.

Air Out the Mattress

When changing the sheets it is also sensible to air the mattress out. Leaving it without the sheets on will allow the mattress to breathe and this will stop it from holding smells within the fabric. Leaving the mattress to breathe for a day whenever you change the sheets will keep it in much better condition and opening the windows to let a breeze in will also help this.

Spray it With Scents

When changing the sheets it is also sensible to spray the mattress with scented odour remover. This will help to remove unwanted smells and it will also imbue the mattress with some pleasant smells too. A lavender spray will improve the scent of your mattress and help you to sleep too.

Rotate It

Rotating your mattress will also help to preserve the condition of your mattress because it will stop it sagging from having weight repeatedly rested in one position. You should rotate your mattress once every 6 weeks and this should also be combined with a period spent outside. Taking your mattress outside to rest in the wind and sun will help to air it out and the sun will also help to naturally disinfect it. When carrying this process out it is also sensible to air your pillows and covers on the washing line too so that you can remove all of the unwanted smells and germs.

Baking Soda

Baking soda also provides a good means of removing unwanted smells. In the winter when it is too wet to put the mattress outside this is a good alternative. Sprinkling baking soda over the mattress and leaving it throughout the day will suck up all the odours and a good vacuuming will then leave you with a fresh smelling mattress.

Leave Your Bed Unmade

Most people think that you should make your bed before leaving home, but in reality this is mistake. Making your bed as soon as you wake up simply traps any moisture from your body under the covers and this can create a mildew build up. Leaving the covers off the bed will instead allow the sheets to air out throughout the day so that the moisture can escape.