You want a warm and welcoming bedroom so that you can look forward to going to bed and can ensure comfort when you get there. Here are some tips from Home Life for making your room more comfortable.

Use thick fabrics

Thick fabrics add texture to a room and make it feel warmer and more comfortable. Having layers of blankets will also help you to moderate your temperature each evening.


Faux-fabric wallpaper

To add to some texture to a room and make it more snug deck out your walls with faux-fabric wallpaper.

Pile cushions up

Pile cushions up on your bed to create a ‘nest’ that will be welcoming each night. With a lot of pillows you’ll be comfortable wherever you sleep.

Fur carpets

Fur carpets are a great addition to a bedroom and will increase the warmth in the room. Softness of fur will be heaven to put your bare feet on every morning when you get out of bed.